Confused what to carry to a Jungle Safari? Here are 5 Must-Haves

Jungle Safaris are all about action and adventure. You need to be on your toes all the time to enjoy your trip to the maximum. Let us take you through the five fashion essentials to enjoy your next safari trip to the most.

Shorts (Cargo Shorts)

Ditch you fashion wear and get into your comfy shorts. This will be your best friend for the trip and allow you to stay comfortable throughout.


Image Courtesy: Pinterest

Loose Top Wear

Opt for loose and light-colored top wear, preferably shirts and T-shirts. This way you will stay cool even during the hottest outings through the forest.


Image Courtesy: Pinterest

Safari Hats

The Safari Hat is designed in a way to avoid the maximum sunlight while keeping you hydrated by retaining body moisture. Make sure you grab hold of one before embarking on a trip.


Image Courtesy: Holidaybug


Boost your cool quotient by grabbing a pair of cool aviators or wayfarers, which will suit prevent the excess glare of the sun throughout the day.


Image Courtesy: Aliexpress


Hiking Boots

Something one can never miss if he/she loves their feet. You are going to take a huge risk  if you don’t choose hiking boots for the rough surroundings of a jungle.

Hiking boots for jungle safari
Hiking boots for jungle safari

Image courtesy

Header Image: Commons.wikimedia

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