Ladies, use these 5 Style hacks for Instant Slimming

Nobody has a perfect body. Imperfections make you human. However, you can get a Goddess illusion with these 5 fundamental western wear slimming tricks.

Slim Tip #1

Pinstripes, strip Kilos off you

If you are top heavy, vertical pinstripes on trousers and pencil skirts, does wonders to take the focus away from your upper body. A great way to instantly shed those extra kilos on you!

Slim Western Wear #1_Pinstripes

Image Source

Slim Tip #2

Cinch your Waist

A flowy dress looks like a bag on you? Relax. Get feminine by highlighting your curves in the right manner. Cinch your waist with a narrow belt. It creates the illusion of longer length between hips and toes.

Slim Western Wear #2_Flowy Dress

Image Source

Slim Tip #3

Neck can rescue Wide-Set Hips

Broad hips are a pain in the neck for women. Get a quick-fix by getting chunky on the neck with statement jewellery or a scarf. It drives attention away from an ample bottom to a slim top half.  

Slim Western Wear #3_Chunky Necklace

Image Source

Slim Tip #4

Get a High

Cozy up to high-waisted pants or skirts. Voila! An elongated torso is created, adding inches to your vertical frame. Walk confidently.

Slim Western Wear #4_High Waisted Pant

Image Source

Slim Tip #5

An Empirical Solution

Hide a billowing belly with an empire top whose waist sits just below your bust line. The emphasis is now on your bust, by clever concealment of your ample abdomen, thus elongating your overall frame.  

Slim Western Wear #5_Empire Top

Image Source

Now, are you wondering why you never knew all this before? Watch this space for more!

Header Image: stuffpoint

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