Men: Please don't try this at home!

Men: Please don’t try this at home!



When it comes to dressing, there are absolute do’s and don’t do’s that need following without a second thought! Let us go through some absolute necessary ones …

  1. Wrinkled Clothes
Wrinkled clothes: A big No
Wrinkled clothes: A big No

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Unless and until you are going for a nap or something, wrinkled clothes won’t help you (well, they are quite useless while sleeping as well, alas!). Wrinkled clothes generate one and only one effect i.e. lethargic, naive and a big fool; So, as long as you want to resemble a clown, go ahead with your wrinkled clothing or else change!

  1. Short Sleeves + Tie = NOPE
Short Sleeves + Tie = NOPE
Short Sleeves + Tie = NOPE

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Short sleeves and ties don’t share a cordial relationship as long as you don’t plan to work in a fast food joint (it’s more or less a compulsion there; peace!). This combo represents that you simply don’t know what you are doing and love making a fool out of yourself!

  1. Tie length
Watch that Tie!
Watch that Tie!

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Any and every man’s tie, without fail, must end on the centre of their belt’s buckle; anything otherwise is nothing but a criminal offence! Please try and maintain that perfect notion or end up looking like an idiot!

  1. Ill-fitting clothes
Don't get lost in ill-fitting clothes.
Don’t get lost in ill-fitting clothes.

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Okay. It’s high time you got clothes that fit you instead of worrying about your future needs or  borrowing your dad’s or your grandpa’s clothes. No, there’s nothing wrong in that but wearing clothes that don’t fit is simply an injustice to the body type and your self-esteem.

So guys, watch out to avoid these fashion fails next time.


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