Women: Handling Love Handles in Style



Love handles and women – they don’t really go together, now, do they? From being a problem to a damn right eye-sore, love handles seem pretty to none but irrespective of their perception, continue to annoy one and all. Therefore, in order to cover them up and remove them from public reception, let’s try out some quirky tips and tricks:

  1. Bye-Bye Body-hugging suits



Enough with the all-cosy tight outfits; they won’t do pretty much anything to your love handles than bulging them out even more. Therefore, it’s only wise to ignore them and try something less “body-centric.”

  1. Say no to baggy outfits



Okay, we know loose and baggy outfits would start doing the rounds of your minds as soon as you see those love handles irksomely hanging around but honestly, these outfits would only make you look bigger and wider rather than cover up those flab. Ignore them.

  1. Hail o’ high waist!



High waist may be one of the best options to save you from embarrassment! Yes, high waists perform an exceptional job when it comes to hiding those extra flab and cutting short on your problem areas. Go for them!

  1. Go dark …



It may well be time for you to embrace your darker side! Next time you step out of your house, make sure you don something dark (black would just do the trick) for it will help in hiding those lines and areas quite nicely. Go, get them!


About Mystylepal:

Mystylepal is a group of Style enthusiasts who are self-driven to make the world more stylish. We believe that everyone is beautiful in his/her unique style. The whole journey is about finding that unique style. We help our readers to embrace their true personality by giving them confidence with our curated style hacks.


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